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Griffin Hill Farm

1081 Freedom Crider Road

Freedom, PA 15042

D1003 Fern Hill Calli Flower

Blue eyes


Born: 11/24/2016

Sire: PGCH Buck Creek Ferdinand

Dame: Fern Hill Dark Sheba

Calli has 3 National Champions and 2 PGCH's in her pedigree. We will be excited to get her in the show ring this coming year! 

C7104 A Sharper Edge Pearl


Marble Blue

Born: 01/23/2014

Sire: Syncope Falls Twist and Shout

Dame: Moonlight Farms Cinna-Mini

Pearl has placed Reserve Champion Doe, and Reserve Champion Senior Doe at Mongomery County shows in 2018. Last year she kidded quads and nursed all 4 of them. She is from heavily blue lines and generally throws at least one blue baby per kidding. 

D12741 Fallen and Can't Get Up Always Faithful

Brown Eyes


born: 03/10/2020

Sire: Fern Hill Diamond Rio

Dame: Head Buttn Farm JLS Pandora

Faith placed Reserve Champion Senior Doe at South Mountain in 2018. She has a very mellow personality and is one of my favorite girls here at the farm. I liked her so much, I went back the following year and bought her father when he came up for sale. 

C7101 A Sharper Edge Silver

Blue Eyes


Born: 01/01/2014

Sire: Syncope Farms Twist and shout

Dame: Bassefield Farms Peanut

Silver produced triplets last year and a set of twins. Although we didn't plan on breeding her twice in one year....she made her own plans. 

Silver will be bred for fall 2021 babies. 

D6351 Fallen and Can't Get Up As You Wish

brown eyes


born 04/13/2017

Sire: Beechkeld Romeo

Dame: Indian Creek Fainters Delilah

D6350 Griffin Hill Farm Meadow


Brown Eyes

born 02/11/2018

Sire: Goat Hill Farm Scottie George

Dame: Forman Farm Fainter Sophie

Meadow went to several shows as a weanling and yearling. She always placed in the top 2 of her classes. Last year she kidded twin girls for her first kidding. We are anxious to see what this years babies will bring. 

D6262 La Chevre D'Or Mint

Brown Eyes


Born 06/04/2018

Sire: 2020 National Champion Goat Hill Farm Nate (Son of 2015 National Champion Goat Hill Farm Hot Shot)

Dame: La Chevre D'Or Jelly Bean

D9801 3D Ranch Skoosh Skadoosh

Brown Eyes


Born 05/10/2018

Sire: Duffy Fainting Goat Farm Nemo

Dame: Misty at 3D Ranch

D1268 Griffin Hill Farm Tequila Rose

Brown Eyes


Born 03/16/2016

Sire: Fallen and Can't get up Ezekial

Dame: Cedar Creek's Gin Fizz

Griffin Hill Farm Alyssa

Brown Eyes



Sire: TL Mr Appy

Dame: Forman Farm Fainter Ally

Alyssa will be for sale this spring.

She is a long coated doe and currently shaved in this picture. Easy kidding, excellent mother, twins and triplets common $300

E6951 Griffin Hill Farm Violet

Brown Eyes


Born: 11/26/2019

Sire: Fern Hill Diamond Rio

Dame: Griffin Hill Farm Alyssa

This was my only retained doeling for 2019/2020 kidding season. 

E6952 Twin Creek Elsa

Brown Eyes


Born: 12/24/2019

Sire: Twin Creek PowerQuad

Dame: Shearogg Fainter's Blizzard

New This Year: Pictures coming Soon!

E6699 WP Unique (Nikki for short)


polled, brown eyes

Sire: PGCH Fern Hill Flashback

Dame: Double B Farm Athena

B6192 Earth's Acre Godiva (Diva for short)


polled, brown eyes

Sire: Sanes Creek Ranch Drake

Dame: Creek Corner Millie

E7071 A Sharper Edge Wishful Thinking (Tink for short)


disbudded, marble blue eyes

sire: Muddy River Riptide

Dame: A Sharper Edge Hope

(Registration Pending) Griffin Hill Farm Kalaini (laini fore short)


polled, blue eyes

sire: A Sharper Edge Max

Dame: Fallen and Can't Get Up Always Faithful

E7316 Pahl's Farm Head Over Boots


Polled, Brown Eyes

Sire: Buck Creek Dagger

Dame: Twin Creek Cirtine

(Registration Pending) Zollinger Farm Queen of Spades (coming soon)

Disbudded, Brown Eyes, solid black

sire: Zollinger Farm Copper King

Dame: Zollinger Farm Thelma

Griffin Hill Farm Waltzing Matilda


Sire: Fern Hill Diamond Rio

Dame: A Sharper Edge Pearl

Reference: Retired and Sold Does

B8701 Becky's Funny Farm Chloe

Brown Eyes


Born 03/08/2013

Sire: Rocky Ridge Acres Rambo

Dame: Forman Farm Fainter Ally

"Angel" was the first myo I ever purchased on my own. She has been a great doe to own and is my daughter's favorite. She is retired now and living her best life.

C7105 A Sharper Edge Sterling

Blue Eyes


born 01/23/2014

Sire: Syncope Falls Twist and Shout

Dame: Moonlight Farms Cinna-Mini

Sterling looks nearly identical to Pearl...and she should....they are twins!

They look so much alike that I often have to make sure I put names on pictures when I take them so that I don't get them confused!

Sterling retired this year and is out on a lifetime lease as a pet. She is living her best life. 

We do not sell our retiree's as they have earned a lifetime of luxury. They go to lease homes, if one can be found. This way I always know where they are and if they can no longer keep them, they can come back to the farm.... or they live out their lives here on the farm. I get frequent updates on Sterling. I couldn't have asked for her to have a better home. 

B5066 Forman Farm Fainter Ally (the whore goat)

aka grandma goat

brown eyes


Born 07/14/2011

Sire: Iron Gate Ranch Nash

Dame: Prairie Farm Fainters Dora

Ally is retired. (At least in my mind she is.... but in her mind....any buck is fair game and when she comes in heat and she has to be locked up tight...) retired or not....Well, she may have more kids in the coming years....but not if I can help it!....hence the nick name...

Maya At Griffin Hill Farm

Brown Eyes


Born 2007 - March 6, 2021

Maya is one of our foundation does. We are not positive of her origin, whether she was born here on the farm from Afro (our foundation sire) and one of the original does, or if she was purchased by Michelle right before she got sick. I couldn't find any paperwork on her when I took over the farm so she was registered as a found doe. Maya is very laid back and sweet.  

D1269 Griffin Hill Farm Angelica

Brown Eyes


Born 12/29/2016

Sire: Griffin Hill Farm Revelation

Dame: Beckys Funny Farm Chloe


D6349 Critter Holler Bambi

Marble Blue Eyes


Born: 02/08/2018

Sire: Fallen and Can't Get Up Ezekiel

Dame: Fallen and Can't Get Up Solar Eclipes


D1272 Griffin Hill Farm Suzie Q

Brown Eyes


Born: 12/27/2016

Sire: Fallen and Can't Get Up Ezekial

Dame: Griffin Hill Farm Little Beck

Suzie was named for my Momma since she shares a birthday with her. She is a strong fainter and medium rank in the herd.


Show Placings:

South Mountain May 28-30, 2021:

Fern Hill Calli Flower:

Griffin Hill Farm Meadow:

Griffin Hill Farm Violet:

Twin Creek Elsa:

Griffin Hill Farm Sea Breeze:

Griffin Hill Farm Catalina:

Griffin Hill Farm Deadpool:

Griffin Hill Farm Heathen:

Griffin Hill Farm Shazam:

Freedom Hill Farm Black Diamond Bugaboo:

Griffin Hill Farm Cedar:

Buck Creek Classic May 7-8, 2021: 

4 year old does:

Calli: Show 1 placed 2, Show 2 placed 1st 

2020 All shows within travel distance were cancelled. We will see everyone next season!

South Mountain 2019:

6-9m Doeling:

Tara 5, 3, 2

4 year doe:

Pearl 3, 4, 3

3 year buck:

Max 2, 2, 3

4 year buck:

Rio 1, 1, 1

Reserve Champion Senior Buck Show A

Champion Senior Buck Show C

Champion Buck Show C (1 Point)

Empire State 2018:

3-6m doelings

Meadow: 3, 1

Bambi 2, 6

2 year doe

Faith 5, 5

South Mountain 2018:

Yearling unfreshened jr does 12-18m

Wish 4,3,3

Suzie 2,4

2 year old doe

Faith 5,1,3

Reserve Champion Senior Doe

Reserve Champion Doe Show B

2 year old Buck

Max 2, 2, 1

Scottie 3, 3, 2

Montgomery County Fair MGR Show 2018:

0-3m doe kids:

Mint: 3,3

6-9m doe kids:

Meadow: 5,8

Bambi: 3,4

Unfreshened Yearling Jr Doe 18-24m

Calli: 1,

Suzie 4

Fern Hill Calli Flower: Reserve Champion Jr Doe

Senior Does:

Angelica: 1,1

Faith 3,2

Alyssa 5, 9

Pearl 1,4

Silver 2,3

A Sharper Edge Pearl: Reserve Champion Senior Doe and Reserve Grand Champion Doe

South Mountain 2017:

Senior Doe Kid 6-9m

Suzie Q: 2,5,3

Angelica: 3,4,4

4 yr old Senior Doe:

Angel (Chloe): 4, 3, 2

Tioga County Shows 2017:

Senior Doe Kid 6-9m

Suzie: 3,3

Angelica 2,4

Yearling Doe:

Faith: 1,1

4 year old senior doe:

Angel (Chloe): 4, 4

Yearling buck 12-18m

Max 2,2

Yearling Buck 18-24m

Scottie 3,2

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