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Griffin Hill Farm

1081 Freedom Crider Road

Freedom, PA 15042

D3146 A Sharper Edge Max


Brown Eyes

Born: 04/07/2016

Sire: Syncope Falls Twist and Shout

Dame: Moonlight Farms Betty Boop

Max is from very strong blue bloodlines as well as very strong milk lines, combine that with his strong conformation, and he is one of our favorite sires. 

C7764 Goat Hill Farm Scottie George


Brown Eyes

Born: 03/06/2016

Sire: 2015 National Champion Goat Hill Farm Hot Shot

Dame: Giles Meadowlark

Scottie has brought a lot to this herd. Excellent bloodlines, nice long body and excellent breed character. ​​

Blossom View Goats Peace Keeper

also known as Dakota around here. 





Dakota is an exciting addition to the herd. We can't wait to watch him grow.

Sire: Juniper Crossing Farms Lakota

Dame: Humes Haven Wild Olive 

Goat Flower Farm Spruce 


He is Moonspotted, Polled, brown eyes. 

Sire: Goat Flower Farm Rocky

Dame: Goat Flower Farm Primrose

Update: Spruce was Reserve Champion Jr Buck at the Montgomery County Fair in show A. So proud of how this boy is growing and looking forward to next season.

JKKJ Pink Diamond Acres Thunderstruck

born: 6-23-21

Sire: Buck Creek Turbo

Dame: Earth's Acres Godiva

This little boy is a tank! We will be excited to show him at the Montgomery County Ag Fair in August!

Update: Thunder showed at 8 weeks old at the Montgomery County Fair. He was the only kid in his class, but the judges had really good things to say about him (even though he was struggling with how to walk on a leash.... but give him a break, he was only 8 weeks old!). He has a very promising show career this summer. 

WP Viktory 



Headed to Kentucky to pick this sweet boy up. Looking forward to meeting him!

Griffin Hill Farm Winter Knight




Sire: A Sharper Edge Max

Dame: Twin Creek Elsa

My retained buckling for this year. 

Reference Bucks

D5149 WP Otis


Blue Eyes

Born 02/10/2017 - 3/06/2021

Sire: PGCH Pint Size Tequila

Dame: Fern Hill Frenzy

Sadly, Otis crossed the rainbow bridge on March 6th, 2021 due to what the vet believed was a spinal injury with neurological repercussions. 

Earned his first point at South Mountain Shows, June 29, 2019, Show 3. Judge Ashley Hadley. Sadly, Rio crossed the Rainbow Bridge on March 6th. We will really miss him and what he brought to our herd. Rio changed the dynamic of my farm. He helped to bring me into a show level with my breeding program. He taught me a lot about what I do and don't want in my program.

E6953 Griffin Hill Farm Shazam


Marble Blue eyes

Born 10/31/2019

Sire: A Sharper Edge Max

Dame: Griffin Hill Farm Tequila Rose

I kept this buck to show for a year, but then Covid19 happened and we didn't get to any shows. I have done this breeding several times and kept this buck to show after seeing his brother a year later. He outgrew all the other bucklings born around the same time and is packed with muscle. SOLD

C4376 Fern Hill Diamond Rio


Brown Eyes

born: 11/19/2014 - 3-06-2021

Sire: 2012 National Champion Woody Creek Farm Daytona

Dame: Woody Creek Farm Red Diamond (daughter of 2010 National Champion Woody Creek Farm WLS Hotrod)

C1226 PGCH Buck Creek Turbo


Brown Eyes

sire: CH Woody Creek Farm Mr. Incredible

Dame: Woody Creek Farm Damika

Turbo has the most Puppy Dog personalitiy of any goat I have ever had the pleasure of owning. He will follow anywhere, loves and demands scratches, and can't wait for breeding time to arrive.

Sadly, Turbo passed away on 8-17-2021. Closest we could tell, he stepped on a ground bee nest and was swarmed by them. He was found by the next, completely swollen. It was devastating and I hope to never experience something like that ever again.