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Griffin Hill Farm

1081 Freedom Crider Road

Freedom, PA 15042

Griffin Hill Farm was named and began by Michelle Wilfong. Michelle had a passion for animals, especially goats. She was breeder number 128 with the MGR and had a dream of raising these goats that were on the endangered species list. In 2006 Michelle was diagnosed with AML (Leukemia), and after a valiant fight, went home to be with our Lord, in 2008. She will always be in our hearts and her dream will live on through her family and her "kids". This is part of her legacy, and I like to think she would be proud of what we are doing and how we are doing it.

I (Jessica) took over the care of the farm in 2010. I was a horse trainer, and I can remember a time, when I first took over, that it was all about the horses. I remember thinking, I can't believe we have these goats, I can't stand goats, I just need more stalls for horses..... but oh how times change....

As the first couple years went by, these little guys figured out a way deep into my heart. They didn't cost as much to feed as a horse, they didn't need daily stall cleaning like a horse, and any time I came down to the barn, the goats would come running to say hi, while the horses looked up from their grazing and decided it wasn't time to eat yet and went back to what they were doing. I still love my horses, and we still have a couple, but looking back, I would have laughed if someone had told me 10 years ago that one day I would have anywhere from 30-60 goats at a time.

The first goats, Michelle's goats, that were here when I arrived, were TL Mr. Appy (Afro), Breezy Acres Jasmin Joy, and Maya. All of them ran together, so needless to say, we had babies every 5 months. (We do NOT recommend this, and it was purely out of ignorance that it happened.) The babies were the first downfall of getting sucked into this love affair. OMG, so cute, so sweet, little, and they made enough money to pay for themselves each year! I kept a couple of those babies, and started learning what I was actually looking for within the breed. Afro passed away at the grand old age of 14 in 2019, and Jasmin (also 14) followed 2 months later. Maya crossed the rainbow bridge in March 2021. We guess that she was around 14 also.

My first "outside" goat that I brought in was a trade.... a Jasmin doeling, for a new bloodline doe, Beckys Funny Farm Chloe (2013). When Becky had to sell her herd, I later went back and bought all 4 does and a buck from her. (And at this point, I still didn't know what I was doing LOL, like a lot of people, I was in love with the breed and just wanted more of them.) I later had to sell the buck because Rambo and Afro could not come to an agreement with each other and they were tearing down walls in the barn trying to kill each other. (And of course, looking back, I regret selling Rambo. He was built like a tank and would have shown well.)

I learned about shows in 2017, and we took 1 buck out to South Mountain to see what it was all about. Honestly, this was the best way for me to ever learn what we are trying to do for the breed. I got hands on experience learning conformation and breed characteristics. I highly recommend going to a couple shows when you are starting out, not necessarily to be competitive, but to learn. The MGR community is super helpful and welcoming. They are always willing to show a newbie what to do and how to do it. The show ring (which I had no idea what I was doing, having never even shown halter with horses before, was super scary to me) is friendly competitive, and everyone cheers for everyone. It's a very family environment and each show is like a reunion of friends from all over the US. 

TL Mr Appy (aka Afro)

dual registered MGR and IFGA (1-3-2004) to (2018)

Some of his offspring or bloodline that are still in our herd:

Griffin Hill Farm Suzie Q (sold 2021)

Griffin Hill Farm Angelica (sold 2021)

Griffin Hill Farm Alyssa

Griffin Hill Farm Violet

Griffin Hill Farm Nemo

Breezy Acres Jasmin Joy

Dual Registered MGR and IFGA

born 2-4-2004, passed away in 2018

Some of her offspring still in our herd:

Griffin Hill Farm Angelica (sold 2021)

Griffin Hill Farm Nemo

Griffin Hill Farm Suzie Q (sold 2021)